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Pikashow is an awesome app that brings a wide range of entertainment options straight to your Roku device. With Pikashow, you can access a vast library of movies, TV series, live TV, and much more, all available at your fingertips. 

Whether it’s the latest blockbusters or classic TV shows, Pikashow offers a user-friendly interface for seamless browsing and streaming. Simply install Pikashow on your Roku device and dive into a world of entertainment, all in one convenient place.

Download PikaShow For Ruko

Why Pikashow for Ruko?

Pikashow is like a super cool app that lets you watch tons of movies, TV shows, live TV, and sports stuff. It’s not officially on the Roku Channel Store, but you can still get it on your Roku. Even though it’s not there officially, you can put it on your Roku pretty easily.


Plus, it’s easy to use and helps you find what you want to watch without any problem.Here are some of the reasons why Pikashow might be an attractive option for Roku users in Pakistan and India.

  1. Several Movies and TV Shows: Pikashow claims to have a large library of movies and TV series. Not just from Hollywood and Bollywood but also Pakistani shows and other cool stuff. So, if you’re into action, drama, or anything else, there’s probably something for everyone in your family.
  2. Live TV Fun: It’s not just about movies! Pikashow also has live TV channels from Pakistan, India, and other countries. That means you can watch live cricket matches, news, and other live events, which is super exciting.
  3. No Cost at All:It’s completely free! You don’t have to worry about subscriptions or hidden charges, making it great for folks who want entertainment without spending any cash.

The Challenge of Adding PikaShow to Roku TV

Adding PikaShow to Roku TV might be a bit tough because Roku isn’t set up for easily adding apps from outside its own store. Roku’s system is made mainly for streaming and doesn’t naturally support getting apps from other places. 

Even though it’s not straightforward, there are other ways you can use PikaShow on your Roku TV. These ways might need some extra steps, but once you do it, you’ll be able to enjoy streaming smoothly on your Roku TV with PikaShow.

Step-by-Step Guide to Download Pikashow on Roku:

Before we start, it’s essential to know that downloading third-party apps like Pikashow might not be allowed by Roku.

Method 1: Enable Sideloading

  • Go to Roku Settings: Using your Roku remote, navigate to “Settings” on your Roku home screen.
  • Access System Settings: In the Settings menu, choose “System.”
  • Advanced System Settings: Select “Advanced System Settings.”
  • Turn on Developer Mode: Find and turn on “Developer Mode.” Also, enable “Allow unknown sources.” This is like giving permission to install apps that are not from the official Roku store.

Method 2: Using a Roku Web Browser

  • Download a Web Browser App: On Roku’s channel store, search and download a web browser app like Web Video Caster or Firefox.
  • Navigate to Trusted Websites: Open the web browser app and visit a trusted website that offers the Pikashow APK file. Be careful to use reliable sites.
  • Download Pikashow: Find the Pikashow APK file on the website and download it directly onto your Roku device using the web browser.

Method  3: Screen Mirroring Method

  • Install Screen Mirroring Apps: On your Roku device, search for and install a screen mirroring app like Vysor or ApowerMirror.
  • Set Up Screen Mirroring: Install the same screen mirroring app on your phone or computer as well.
  • Mirror Your Display:  Mirror your phone or computer screen onto your Roku device with the screen mirroring app.
  • Download Pikashow APK: Once your screen is mirrored, use the web browser on your phone or computer to navigate to a trusted website offering the Pikashow APK file. Save the file to your phone or pc.
  • Install Pikashow: Through the screen mirroring app, open the Pikashow APK file on your phone or computer and install it. This will also install Pikashow on your Roku through the mirroring process.

Considerations About Before Using Pikashow:

🚫 Legal Concerns:

Pikashow has movies and shows that might not be there legally. That means they might show stuff without permission, which could go against the rules about copyrighted stuff in Pakistan.

🛡️ Safety Matters:

Getting Pikashow through sideloading might not be super safe. Be sure to get PikaShow from a safe place you can trust.Also, keep your device updated so bad stuff can’t sneak in and cause trouble.

📱 App Reliability:

Pikashow might not be as steady as the usual Roku channels.This means it may sometimes pause, stop, or have broken links.  It might not be super smooth like the official channels.

🆘 Getting Help:

If you are having issues with Pikashow, there is no official support from Roku.Since it’s not an official thing, Roku won’t be able to give you help if something goes wrong. You might have figured everything out for yourself.


Pikashow on Roku brings diverse entertainment, but its installation presents challenges due to Roku’s limited support for third-party apps. Despite offering a broad content selection, including Hollywood, Bollywood, and live TV, Pikashow’s unofficial status outside Roku’s store requires sideloading or alternative methods for installation.

Legal concerns arise from its unauthorized content access, and safety precautions are essential when sourcing the app. While it lacks official Roku support, its instability compared to official channels means occasional disruptions.

Users seeking Pikashow should weigh these factors, consider legal implications, download from trusted sources, and acknowledge potential reliability issues before exploring this alternative streaming avenue on their Roku devices.