Pikashow For Mac Apple 2024 — [2 Download Methods]

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Pikashow is an easy-to-use Android app that lets you stream lots of movies, TV shows, sports, and more on your Mac. Whether you like movies, sports, or just relaxing, Pikashow has something for you. It’s simple to use and has many things to watch.

You can easily find what you like with its simple layout and lots of different stuff to choose from. Get excited to dive into a world of entertainment made just for you with Pikashow for Mac Apple – where you’ll find everything you need for endless fun.

Download Pikashow For Mac

Why Is Mac Compatibility Challenging?

Mac devices pose challenges for compatibility with streaming apps. These devices have many usage restrictions and rules that make it hard for a few apps to work. 

In addition, most of the streaming apps are made for Android, so Mac users might struggle to use their favorite ones; Pikashow is one of those apps. PikaShow, which comes from India, can’t be found on the Official Apple Store because of privacy concerns. 

So, how to download the Pikashow app on Macs? Although there is no direct way, a few methods exist to install Pikashow onto your Mac indirectly yet safely. 

Ways To Download Pikashow For Mac Apple

There are two methods available to safely download and install PikaShow on an Apple Mac device without compromising the safety.


Method 1: Using NoxPlayer Emulator

In the first way to download the Pikashow APK onto Mac, users need to use an emulator. An emulator creates an Android-based on a Mac, and lets the users install third-party apps inside it.

NOTE: Use NoxPlayer emulator for Mac; it is also available for Windows. 

  • Download NoxPlayer from its official website (https://www.bignox.com/blog/tag/mac/). 
  • Run the installer and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the inssetup.
  • Click the “Download” button provided on the top of this page, and let the downloading process complete. 
  • Open NoxPlayer and locate its APK installation feature. 
  • Browse to the downloaded Pikashow APK file form the Download folder and initiate the installation.

Method 2: Through AnyTrans App

The second way is to download Pikashow on an iOS device, and then, transfer the app onto the Mac. Even though the process seems tricky, follow these simple steps to go through it.

  • Download and install the AnyTrans application on your Mac. 
  • Connect your iOS device to your Mac via a data cable, and set it to data transfer if required.
  • Open AnyTrans, select “Download App”, and log into your iCloud account.
  • Locate PikaShow on the official website within AnyTrans and start the download process.
  • Once downloaded, go to your app library within AnyTrans and select PikaShow.
  • Launch the app and complete the installation process as prompted.

How To Allow Third-Party Applications To Install On A MacBook?

Sometimes, you first need to enable the third-party app installation features on a MacBook. If your device is asking for this permission, follow these steps to grant it.

  • Click on the Apple icon to open System Preferences.
  • Select Security & Privacy > General tab
  • Tap on the lock in the lower left corner to allow changes

Few Features Of PikaShow App When Using On Mac

This app presents an array of content spanning various genres, from horror and romance to action, comedy, history, news, and sports events. 

how to download Pikashow on mac

Free Access

PikaShow stands out as it offers unlimited streaming without any cost, allowing you to enjoy movies, shows, sports events, and news without worrying about expenses.

Subtitle Support

Adding to its appeal, PikaShow supports subtitles in multiple languages. This feature enhances the experience by making content more accessible and enjoyable across different regions.

Stay Updated

PikaShow ensures you’re always in the loop by regularly updating its content. New releases are added just three days after their official launch, keeping you current with the latest movies and shows.

Effortless Navigation

Explore the PikaShow library effortlessly due to its user-friendly interface. The app’s organized layout makes discovering and browsing your preferred content a hassle-free experience.

Customizable Viewing

The latest version of PikaShow offers customization options, allowing you to adjust playback speed and enhance video quality according to your preferences.

Easy Downloads

Download your favorite content with ease – simply click the download icon beneath each media screen to save videos directly to your Mac for offline viewing.

Community Engagement

Unlike many other streaming apps, PikaShow encourages community interaction. Connect with fellow streamers, share reviews, create your profile, and receive recommendations from other users.

Offline Convenience

PikaShow’s one-click download feature lets you save movies, dramas, TV shows, and web series, perfect for times when you’re on the go or faced with a weak internet connection.

Enhanced Viewing

Experience your favorite PikaShow content on a larger screen with your Mac, adding a cinematic touch to your streaming escapades.

How To Use PikaShow On MacBook?

To make the most of PikaShow on your iPhone, understand how it works and how you can explore its features. Let’s walk through a step-by-step guide to help you navigate PikaShow effectively on your iPhone:


Home Screen Exploration:

When you open PikaShow, the home screen welcomes you with different content categories like movies, TV shows, live sports, and more.

Search Bar Utilization:

At the top of the screen, there’s a search bar in PikaShow. This handy tool lets you look for specific movies, TV shows, or sports events. Simply input the name of what you’re looking for, and you’ll get results right away.

Menu Access:

On the left-hand side of the screen, you’ll find the menu in PikaShow. This menu gives you quick access to different parts of the app, such as settings, your favorite content, and downloads.

Playback Controls:

Watching something? PikaShow keeps it easy with simple controls like play/pause, rewind, and fast-forward buttons. You’re in charge of your viewing experience with these controls.

Personal Profile:

There is a section called PikaShow where you can set up your profile. You can save your favorite material and see what you’ve recently seen in this section. You can also interact with other PikaShow users, share ideas, and get suggestions.

Are There Mac Alternatives Similar To Pikashow?

Yes, there are other streaming apps like Pikashow for Mac. Pikashow is cool, but there are different ones, such as Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video. These apps also have lots of TV shows and movies you can watch. They offer a wide variety of entertainment, just like Pikashow does. 


Can Pikashow APK Be Used On A MacBook?

Yes, you can use Pikashow apk on your PC (Windows and Mac) using an emulator software like NoxPlayer. See the Method #1 We have discussed in this guide to see how to use the NoxPlayer emulator to install Pikashow on a Mac.

Is There Another Good Streaming App For MAC?

These are many streaming apps you can use on a MacBook. For example, ThopTV is such a good streaming alternative to Pikashow Apk since it has almost the same features.

Why Isn’t Pikashow APK Working?

If Pikashow Apk isn’t working, it might be because you have an old version of the software or this app is blocked in your country. Try updating the Pikashow APK and/or use a VPN.

How To Download Movies On Pikashow APK?

Open and start streaming the movie you want, find three dots in the corner, click on them, and you’ll find the option to download. Press on it, and the movie will be downloaded, allowing you to watch it offline.


Pikashow for Mac Apple is your go-to source for diverse entertainment featuring movies, shows, and sports. While Mac compatibility poses challenges, secure methods exist to safely install it for endless streaming. Its user-friendly interface simplifies content exploration across many genres. 

Pikashow’s appeal lies in its vast content library, community engagement, and offline convenience, enhancing entertainment on larger screens. Offering free access, subtitle support, and timely updates, Pikashow ensures a seamless viewing experience.