Why Pikashow Is Not Working? — [Causes & Solution]

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Pikashow, a beloved streaming platform, might not work for various reasons. Issues like poor internet connections, maintenance, or outdated app versions could be causing disruptions. Internet providers or location-based limitations may restrict it. 

According to our research and experience, the app’s users come across various issues. These issues include Pikashow retry errors, Pikashow not working, unable to connect server errors, Pikashow server down errors, etc. Read this guide to find the solutions!

Common Reasons For PikaShow Not Working

Although PikaShow is a popular streaming app, like any other app, it can sometimes encounter certain issues that prevent it from working properly. Here are some common reasons why PikaShow might not be working for you:

Internet Connection

Weak Or Unstable Internet Connection

PikaShow requires a stable and strong internet connection to stream content smoothly. If your internet is slow or keeps dropping, it could be the reason why the app is not working properly.

Data Limits

If you are on a mobile data plan with limited data, PikaShow might reach your data limit quickly, leading to buffering or stopping playback altogether.

App Issues

Outdated App

Make sure you are using the latest version of PikaShow. Outdated versions can have bugs or compatibility issues that can cause the app to malfunction.

App Cache

Sometimes, a corrupted app cache can also cause problems. Try clearing the PikaShow app cache and see if that resolves the issue.

App Bugs

Like any other app, PikaShow can also have bugs that can cause it to crash or not work properly. The developers usually fix these bugs in newer versions, so make sure you keep the app updated.

Server Issues

Server Overload

PikaShow is a popular app, and sometimes its servers can get overloaded, especially during peak usage times. This can lead to buffering, slow loading times, or even the app crashing altogether.

Server Maintenance

The PikaShow servers might be undergoing maintenance, which can temporarily prevent users from accessing the app.


PikaShow is an Indian app. It might be geo-restricted in your country or region. This means that the app is not available for use in your location but completely safe to download and install on PikaShows-apk.info.

Primary Solutions If PikaShow Is Not Working On Android And iOS Devices

As we have told you in the previous section, there are many culprits if Pikashow isn’t working on your device. However, most of the issues can be resolved by these three solutions.


Clear Cache Of Recently-Opened Pikashow App

If the Pikashow app is not properly working on your device, we suggest you clear the cache first before trying any other solution. Doing this resolves any issue related to the corrupted app’s cache.

  1. Open the Settings on your device.
  2. Go to Settings > Applications > Pikashow > Storage > Clear Cache.
  3. Hit the Clean Cache button to get rid of any corrupted data.

Reboot Your Device

Suppose Pikashow was working fine on your device a few minutes ago, but started showing some errors now. In such a case, rebooting your device can help resolve the issue. So, if your device is jamming or freezing continuously, restart it to resolve the issue. 

  1. Press the power button on your device and keep pressing it for 2-3 seconds.
  2. Select Restart from the options that pop up.
  3. Let the device start again before using the app.

Install The Latest Pikashow Version

If you’re currently using an older version of Pikashow, it is obvious that you will face many issues, such as buffering, freezing, loading of the screen, and server connection failing issues. The solution is simple: download and install the latest version of Pikashow from our website.

  1. Click on the “Download” button to get the latest version of Pikashow.
  2. Go to the File Manager > Downloads > look for the Pikashow APK file.
  3. Click on the file and launch it to start the installation process. 

Note: If you’re asked to turn on the permission to install the app from “Unknown Sources”, do it. Go to Device Settings > Security Options > Enable Unknown Sources.

  1. Allow the other permission the app asked for to complete the installation process.
  2. Open the latest version of the Pikashow and use it.

Other Solutions To Fix PikaShow Not Working


Check Your Internet Connection

As certain as the strength and stability of your mobile data or Wi-Fi. If it’s weak or disconnected, restart your router or switch to a different network to ensure a good connection for streaming.

Restart PikaShow

Sometimes, just closing and reopening the PikaShow app can solve minor issues. After fully closing the app, reopen it. This can fix any short-term issues and refresh the app. 

Check App Permissions

Ensure PikaShow has the necessary permissions to work correctly. In your phone settings, check and grant the app access to things like storage and the internet for it to function properly.

Use A VPN With Pikashow

Pikashow’s accessibility is restricted to specific countries, leading users to encounter the frustrating “Pikashow Download Not Available Error” while attempting to download content.

A VPN masks your real location by assigning a virtual IP address from a different region where Pikashow services are accessible and completely safe to use.

By selecting a VPN server in a supported location (such as India, if Pikashow is available there) and activating the VPN connection, users can bypass geographical restrictions. 


Can I Root My iPhone To Use PikaShow?

You don’t need to root or jailbreak your iPhone to use PikaShow because it supports iPhone and iOS. However, rooting might be necessary to install and run the MOD APK version of PikaShow.

Why Does PikaShow Keep Crashing On My Android?

PikaShow might crash on your Android because of not enough resources or conflicts with other apps. Try closing other apps, clearing the cache, and updating your Android software.

How Can I Fix PikaShow Not Loading Videos On My iPhone?

First, check your internet connection. If videos still don’t load, try closing the app, updating it, or restarting your iPhone. These steps usually fix the problem.


The reasons for Pikashow encountering problems are diverse, spanning from connectivity issues to maintenance or outdated app versions. Users might face disruptions due to server maintenance, network inconsistencies, app compatibility, or geographical restrictions. 

To address these issues, users can verify their internet connections, update the app, clear caches, ensure app permissions, and consider using a VPN to bypass location-based restrictions. Contacting Pikashow’s support team for further assistance is advisable if problems persist. 

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