Is PikaShow App Safe? — [A Detailed Breakdown Here]

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The PikaShow app is an Android-based streaming application that offers free access to various movies, TV shows, and live content. However, since it is a third-party app, many readers often ask us whether using the PikaShow app is safe. Let us expose it here!

For your information, our team has been using the PikaShow app for weeks now. According to our testing, we have faced no issues while using it. All of our team’s individuals can watch the latest movies, shows, and series without any lag, software glitches, etc. 

So, in terms of the PikaShow app’s usage, there is no issue regarding its safety. However, there is confusion regarding the data accessibility on your device and streaming copyrighted content without the owners’ permission. Read on to learn about all this!

Is PikaShow App Safe For Android And iOS Users?

There is no simple, one-word answer to this question; neither yes nor no. This is because the safety of the PikaShow app is questionable and subject to mixed opinions. Users have experienced varying degrees of satisfaction and concerns regarding the app’s safety.

While the developers claim that the app is 100% legal and prioritizes user privacy, users have reported concerns. Many users reported issues with viruses and tricky content within the app. 

In addition, PikaShow has faced accusations of data theft and the use of copyrighted material without consent. This has led to legal actions, with certain OTT (Over-The-Top) platforms reportedly taking the matter to Indian courts. 

Moreover, the app was removed from the Google Play Store for alleged copyright rule violations. Considering these factors, we advise you to approach the PikaShow app cautiously. You should be aware of the potential risks of using third-party streaming applications.

Reasons To Use PikaShow App — Few Advantages

While we have found many tags associated with the PikaShow app for being an illegal and risky streaming app, it also has many advantages. According to our interaction with this app, the following are the good reasons you should have this on your Android device.


Easy-To-Use Design

PikaShow has a straightforward and good-looking design. When you open the app, everything is neatly arranged on the homepage for a user-friendly experience.

Developer’s Promise On Privacy

The team behind PikaShow claim on their website that the app is safe and respects user privacy and copyright rules. They say they prioritize keeping users’ information secure.

Great For Watching Sports

PikaShow is mentioned as a good choice for watching sports, especially during events like the Indian Premier League (IPL). It supposedly provides high-quality live streaming without ads or needing a subscription.

Access To Premium Entertainment For Free

PikaShow lets you watch premium content from platforms like Disney+, Amazon Prime, Ullu, Zee 5 Live, Hotstar, and Netflix without any charges. It’s a free app that claims to give easy access to these services.

No Complicated Steps

You don’t need to add or download anything extra to use PikaShow. It’s available all the time through Google, and you can access its streaming services without any additional hassles.

A Few Things We Don’t Like About PikaShow App

Not On The Google Play Store. PikaShow is not found on the Google Play Store, which could mean it doesn’t meet Google’s safety standards.

Banned By Delhi High Court. The Delhi High Court has ordered a ban on PikaShow in India due to concerns about privacy policy violations in other streaming apps.

Security Warning During Download. When you download PikaShow from some places, a warning pops up saying it might breach security and be involved in piracy.

Redirects To Other Websites. Free PikaShow may send you to other websites through direct links, suggesting it doesn’t have permission for that content and might be using illegal methods.

Requests Too Many Permissions. PikaShow, even if downloaded from other places, might ask for access to your gallery, location, storage, and contacts, making it seem suspicious about your privacy.

Lack Of Uninstallation Option. Some users claim that PikaShow lacks a direct built-in uninstallation option. You need to use the Administration Section to perform this deed. 

Downloading from Risky Websites. Since PikaShow isn’t on Google Play, users often download it from other websites, which can be risky as these sites might have harmful links.

Negative Community Reviews. People on forums like Quora and Reddit have mixed opinions, with many thinking PikaShow isn’t safe for streaming.

No Customer Support. After the Delhi High Court decision, PikaShow’s customer support reportedly closed, leaving users without assistance.

What Does PikaShow Do To Keep Its Users Safe? — [A Few Claims From The PikaShow Developers]

PikaShow is a third-party app that lets people watch movies, TV shows, and more. Even though it has lots of content, some folks worry about its safety. According to the PikaShow developers, they do a few things to make it safer:

Safe Downloads. They use special servers to give out stuff. They say they check all files for bad stuff like viruses before you download them.

Stopping Spam And Tricky Stuff. PikaShow tries to stop spam and tricky things that could hurt you. But some people still get spam and tricky messages through the app.

Checking Who You Are. Before you get anything from PikaShow, they want to be sure it’s you. This is to keep things private and stop others from getting in.

Checking What’s On The App. PikaShow says they have a team that looks at everything before they let people see it. They do this to stop bad or illegal stuff from spreading.

Getting Checked By Other People. They say they ask other experts to look at their app now and then to find and fix any problems.

Despite all these claims made by the PikaShow team, you should be careful while using this third-party app. If Google has banned it from the Play Store, there are surely going to be some serious issues behind it. Ensure the following practices to keep yourself safe.

Ensure The Following Safe Streaming Practices

While there might be debates about PikaShow’s safety, users can follow some simple practices to make their streaming experience safer and protect their privacy.

Stay on Reputable Streaming Sites. Make use of reputable services with valid licenses, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Disney+. These platforms prioritize safety and offer diverse content.

Guard Personal Information. Be careful when using any streaming app, including PikaShow. Avoid sharing sensitive info and limit unnecessary permissions to protect your privacy.

Know Copyright Laws. Stay updated on copyright laws in your area. It’s important to be aware of the risks of accessing copyrighted content without authorization, as doing so can result in major legal problems.

Look At The Security Tools. Use a type of virtual private network (VPN) for security when streaming. By encrypting your connection, a VPN gives your data an additional degree of privacy and security.

User Reviews: Insights From The Community


People are talking about how safe PikaShow is in their reviews. These reviews help us understand what most people think, but remember, everyone’s experience can differ. 

Some folks think PikaShow is safe to use. They feel good using it, like how it keeps things private, and haven’t had any security problems. But some others are concerned about PikaShow’s safety. 

They talk about possible risks and wonder if the app is even legal. These users say it’s smart to be careful and recommend using legal streaming services for a safer and proper experience.


How Does PikaShow Earn Since It Is A Free Streaming App?

PikaShow generates revenue through advertisements. It is an ad-supported streaming platform, meaning it displays paid ads during users’ video sessions (usually at the start and end). Advertisers pay money to PikaShow developers in return for displaying these ads.

Can I Use PikaShow On My Desktop?

Yes, the latest version of PikaShow is compatible with desktops. However, it cannot run directly on PCs or computers. To use PikaShow on a desktop, users need to install an Android Emulator first, as it facilitates the running of Android applications on desktop environments.

How Can I Download PikaShow APK?

Users can download the latest PikaShow APK (v10) from The website provides a fully anti-ban and legal MOD version of the app. Additionally, there is a detailed PikaShow Installation Guide available for users who need assistance.


The safety of the PikaShow app is a topic of mixed opinions. While the PikaShow developers claim to be legal and prioritize user privacy, concerns have been raised, including accusations of data theft and copyright violations. 

In addition, it was removed from the Google Play Store for alleged copyright rule violations. So, despite claims from the developers about safety measures, we advise you to be cautious when using the PikaShow streaming app on your mobile phone. 

No doubt, PikaShow has an easy-to-use design and access to premium content for free. However, it has drawbacks, such as being banned by the Delhi High Court, security warnings during download, redirects to other websites, etc. 

We suggest users to follow safe streaming practices, use reputable streaming sites, guard personal information, and understand copyright laws. In short, users are advised to be cautious and consider legal streaming alternatives.

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